Metal vocalist looking to join or start a band, based in Sydney.

Photo by Anna Watanabe

Metal vocalist looking to join or start a band, based in Sydney.

I’m a chick, doing growls like Arch Enemy (Angela Gossow era) and mid to high cleans, sorta like Evanescence or Within Temptation, with a bit of influence from Disturbed. I really wanna do both singing and growling in my next band because it’s fun and I like messing with people.

Here’s what I sound like:

[Updated August 2020] A.D.Destroyer debut EP

[Updated April 2019 – added cover]

[Updated July 2019] Guest vocals on Fireland’s Forged In Fire album

Original music recordings:
Solo electro project coz I suck at guitar –
Previous band, but not much growling –

Other than A.D.Destroyer, I don’t want to do the same kinda music in my EPs though. I wrote the songs, and coz I suck at guitar, they were never really what I wanted (and the electro thing was for uni so I had to play that game). For my next band, styles I am interested in tend to be metal subgenres from the 90’s onward, including nu metal, industrial, gothic, symphonic, djent, metalcore, etc. I like some aspects of older styles, but my voice really isn’t suited to classic metal, and I like my death metal to be mixed with other sounds. Either way though, if you like my vocals, send me your band’s demos and we’ll see what happens.

I have a feeling I’m just gonna have to start a new band though, so if you’re interested let me know. Main thing I’d be looking for right now is someone who can help me write, probably a guitarist to fill in that weak point for me. Send me some riffs etc, if we can get the vibe right, then we can start there.

Note: communication and organisation are super important to me. Hoping to find people on that same wavelength to help things run smoothly. Bonus points if you have experience in things like band management, promo, recording etc, but I’ve already got that covered, so main thing is that you can help with writing the music, stay organised, and communicate well. Mention potatoes so I know you read this far, it’ll make me happy lol.

Thanks guys. Send me your sounds, or if you know someone looking, share this post with them and send them my way. \m/

2 responses on “Metal vocalist looking to join or start a band, based in Sydney.

  1. Goran

    Hey Mariko,

    You still looking for a band?

    After a long hiatus, we are in the process of resurrecting our band and are in need of a vocalist. Have seen some of your Youtube videos and your singing is in line with what we are looking for. We would be looking at incorporating growls and clean vocals.

    We are in the process of putting our demos together, so if you are interested, we could have something to you soon. On the other hand, we could probably help you with your music too.


    1. DestroyerMariko Post author

      Hey! Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, for some reason the website didn’t notify me like it’s supposed to. I’ll send you an email 🙂