Untitled Electronic Leaf Artwork

Acrylic, paper, wood, garden wire, and electronics on wooden artist board
8″ x 8″

This artwork combines ideas about artificial life, survival, and human interactions with the world around us. While it appears to be a simple artwork depicting a natural environment, it is actually “alive” in a sense, and avoids revealing itself as an act of “survival”. When humans move about, we tend to leave the lights on, and in this state, the artwork knows to keep silent. However, when the lights are turned off, it will come to life, chirping and flashing LEDs amongst its foliage, until light returns and it hides once again. Inspired by the “Species” series by Wonbin Yang, and “Crabs With Beach Trash Homes” by Shawn Miller, the work asks many questions, from the impact we have on the natural world, through to the very nature of life itself.

This artwork was completed in 2016 for my Masters, and is on exhibition at Mosman Art Gallery From Feb 11 – Mar 5, 2017.

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