A Gig I Wish I Hadn’t Missed

On Sunday 18th, I had planned to go see Chicks With Picks in Newtown, but I was feeling unwell and had to miss it… and I am full of regret! I came across this video on Facebook of one of the performers playing cello using a loop pedal, and it’s great! Not something I’ve seen a lot a lot around here.

The other reason I wanted to go is because I’ve booked a slot to play Chicks With Picks on May 20th, as one of my Capstone* performances. I’ll also be playing the same venue on May 30th, on their open mic night, also for Capstone. So I really want to see more gigs at the Townie, and get familiar with the place again.

Lucky for me, there’s a really cool electronic/industrial event on there tomorrow… well actually tonight I guess, since it’s already past midnight…! I’m still a bit sick but starting to feel better, so hopefully I can catch the show. I also have friends in Snvff and Z(Cluster) who I haven’t seen in ages. If I time things right, I might also be able to catch one of my old music school teachers who I’ve kept in touch with, playing at another show nearby… Gosh, there’s so much on right now!

*Capstone is the name of the class for my final Master of Art project. This blog was originally written for another class, which you can read about here at the start of the entry.